Twiggs Construction is a one of the only true timber-framers in North Georgia, located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bright colors, reminiscent of a construction site, served as the foundation for their brand image and have been incorporated into their website, along with a custom gallery to show off their vast portfolio of work. The site is snappy, responsive and easy to navigate. Appropriate testimonials were gathered and appear on the site, as well as several contact options for their potential customers.



Roots Organic Juice Bar had an established business location and clientele, but only a small social media presence to represent them on the web. The owner wanted a website that could also function as a touch-screen interactive menu inside her shop. We delivered on that request, while also creating a unique and interesting web experience for visitors. The various drinks were photographed in-house by our professional photographers, and used as product images on the website. The color pallete was previously established by the business owner, and we used those colors to build this web experience suitable to the brand and vision of the business.